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By | March 7, 2019

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Gulf Credit Union

By | March 4, 2019

Total re-roof of Gulf Credit Union. Duroplast’s Duro- Fleece 50 mill Membrane Single Ply PVC. Near perfect score on installation 98{6f705731b7edeceeed91ec57ed5c58f5c9cacb9be363236a8216f08ad1bf5442} out of 100{6f705731b7edeceeed91ec57ed5c58f5c9cacb9be363236a8216f08ad1bf5442}. $1,000,000 Dollar content coverage. Customer is extremely satisfied!!! Port Arthur, Texas

Roofing Contractors Beaumont, Texas

GTRS proudly gives back to the community

By | February 26, 2019

Free consulting given to the non-profit Dream Center.

Roofing Contractors Beaumont, Texas

Duro-Last® is highly a recommended Commercial Roofing

By | February 25, 2019

Duro-Last® is highly a recommended Commercial Roofing option for any business with a flat roof. It is ideal for new or retrofit roofing applications with seams which means fewer leaks and less maintenance. In most cases, it can be applied on top of an existing roof which eliminates expensive tear off which costs less and…

Roofing Contractors Beaumont, Texas

Community Bank Nederland

By | February 21, 2019

Community Bank Nederland, Texas Thank you for your business  

Roofing Contractors Beaumont, Texas

Happy Dry Customers!!

By | February 17, 2019

Flowserve Total Reseal of leaks , water stopped warehouse and offices now dry. Customers now dry and happy.

Roofing Contractors Beaumont, Texas

Looking For A Roofing Contractor?

By | February 12, 2019

My name is Susan. My husband and I own a home in Port Neches. We had some work done on our roof. Golden Triangle Roofing Specialist did the work. Gayletta was our Rep. We are VERY happy with the work. In short, our roof did not have the correct flashing to divert the rain. As…

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By | February 8, 2019
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100{6f705731b7edeceeed91ec57ed5c58f5c9cacb9be363236a8216f08ad1bf5442} CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE!

By | February 7, 2019

Golden Triangle Roofing Specialists are dedicated to giving you the very best experience focusing on customer service, high-quality, and dependability.  

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Roofing Repairs Lumberton, TX

By | February 6, 2019

Golden Triangle Roofing Specialists, provides Roofing Repairs for Residential and Commercial Roofs in Lumberton, Texas. GTRS knows you want a reliable Roofing Contractor to be knowledgeable, honest and efficient with getting repairs on your roof done quickly and correctly!