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Do You Need Roofing Repairs On Your Home or Office Building?

Golden Triangle Roofing Specialists, located in Nederland, Texas, provides Roofing Repairs for Residential and Commercial Roofs. GTRS knows you want a reliable Roofing Contractor to be knowledgeable, honest and efficient with getting repairs on your roof done quickly and correctly! GTRS has your time and your money in mind by providing professional Roofing Contractors who truly care about your needs and your budget. We can come in an emergency or after a storm. Whether you need a hole repaired or just missing shingles replaced, GTRS has got you covered. Our Commercial Roofing Team is experienced with many types of roofing materials and can handle the simple flat roofs to the most complex and even metal roofs. Our experienced and knowledgeable Roofing Team can come out and give you a FREE ESTIMATE for any type of repairs on any size roof big or small steep or flat.

Stain removal from:

  • Re-surfacing or waterproofing
  • Shingle replacement or repair
  • Repairing roof decking

Debris Removal from:

  • Underlayment repair
  • Storm damage repair
  • Hail Damage Repair
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Maintenance On Your Roof Is A Must!

Golden Triangle Roofing Specialists can help your Residential Roof look its best ALL YEAR ROUND with our low-cost Roofing Maintenance. Maintaining your roof saves time and money. GTRS takes care of maintaining your roof by removing stains, cleaning debris from your roof, and repairing anything from weather damage or a storm. A new roof is expensive, so taking care of the one you have for as long as possible is the smart thing to do! And remember, all needed roofing maintenance is causing wear and tear on your roof as it ages which will end up causing even bigger costly issues later if left undone. Call GTRS for a FREE ESTIMATE on your roof today.

Roofing Maintenance Services

Stain removal from:

  • Mold

  • Mildew

  • Leaks

  • Bad Weather

Debris Removal from:

  • Accumulated dirt and debris

  • Fallen Tree Limbs

  • Drain Areas

Roofing Repairs Nederland, TX
Roofing Repairs Port Neches, TX
Need Your Roof Inspected? 

Golden Triangle Roofing Specialists can help you prevent serious and costly residential or commercial roofing issues with an annual inspection of your roof. Don’t wait until you have missing shingles when you can repair loose ones by having us inspect your roof annually or before or after a storm or worse, a hurricane! These preventive steps can save you thousands of dollars in roofing repair costs by catching any roofing issues early! Do not wait to have GTRS inspect your roof so you are not repairing a hole and all the damage a leak can create inside if not taken care of beforehand. Call Golden Triangle Roofing Specialists for a roof inspection at 409-727-4988

Exterior Roof Inspections

  • Blistered, Curled or Split Shingles
  • Broken/Loose Shingles at Ridge & Hip Lines
  • Broken Seals on Shingles
  • Damaged/Missing Flashing
  • Excessive Granule Loss
  • Loose/Missing Shingles
  • Improperly Seated Nails
  • Missing Caulk
  • Rusty/Corroded Metal Flashing
  • Sagging on Ridges

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Interior Roof Inspections

  • Bathroom and Kitchen Exhaust Fans for Proper Ventilation

  • Leaks Around Vents, Chimneys and All Holes To Outside
  • Measure and Calculate Proper Attic Ventilation
  • Outside Light Coming Through
  • Proper Ventilation of Attic Intake Vents
  • Roof Sheathing Cracks
  • Sagging Decking (between the rafters)

Golden Triangle Roofing Specialists – Lifetime Roofing Warranty

Golden Triangle Roofing Specialists are dedicated to giving you the very best experience focusing on customer service, high-quality, and dependability.

GTRS may not be the lowest bid you get, but we are the best! We do not sacrifice through skipping very important steps which compromise the correct way your roof should be built. In our experience, anyone who has underbid us were not doing every step required to build a top quality roof and did NOT  use top quality materials like GTRS always uses on every Roof we build!

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