Happy New Years Eve!!!

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Merry Christmas!!!

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Get a Pro Who Knows!!

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Getting a new roof is a huge project with long-term implications. Golden Triangle Roofing Specialists – 30 Years Experience & Quality Customer Service 409-727-4988 Get a Quote

Repair and Maintenance

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We provide Roofing Maintenance and Repairs for any type of Roof! 409-727-4988 Repairs & Maintenance

Need To Replace Your Residential Roof ?

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GTRS not only has Qualified Roofing Contractors, we also make sure we are efficient getting the job right and ON TIME! 409-757-4988 Residential Roofing Services

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Need Roofing Repairs On Your Home?

By [email protected] | December 12, 2018

Golden Triangle Roofing Specialists, located in Nederland, Texas, provides Roofing Repairs for Residential Roofs. GTRS knows you want a reliable Roofing Contractor to be knowledgeable, honest and efficient with getting repairs on your roof done quickly and correctly!